Prevent future injuries or have a current injury evaluated to establish a management plan and pathway to healing. We'll do a thorough evaluation assessing the area of concern and also look for mechanical concerns, muscle imbalances, flexibility issues and treat the contributing factors in addition to the problem. Based on the findings of the evaluation, we usually will include dry needling, soft tissue work, cupping or some other manual treatment with the evaluations. Also, included at the end of the session is the choice of ONE 15 minute recovery technology (Normatec, Marc Pro, Theragun or PowerPlay) AND a trip to the steam room, sauna or hot tub.

Initial Consultation

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  • The goal of the injury assessment is to identify and treat any contributing factors. Through this technique, we help you to heal faster and even prevent future injuries. 

  • For particular treatments, (Dry Needling, Marc Pro) we do require an injury evaluation first. This helps us to better target the contributing factors and the problem areas to yield better results. We also need to ensure that the type of treatment is appropriate and we will work with you to determine this. 

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