USATF 50k and 100k Championships

We have been feverishly updating our website and planning upcoming events to provide sports recovery services at for the local Madison, WI sporting community. After working at the Olympic Training Center, we learned that sports continue to be our passion and now more than ever sports recovery science is a growing field. There is a large gap in the recovery care provided to professional compared to non-professional athletes. At ELITE Recovery Zone, we want to provide only the best researched recovery techniques to athletes of ALL levels. Athletes now can access the same great equipment as the professionals through the services of Elite Recovery Zone in Madison, WI. We offer sessions with Normatec, Marc Pro Plus, PowerPlay, Theragun, Dry Needling, Graston, ASTYM, cupping, massage, joint mobilization, taping, body tune ups, team or event bookings and more. We only offer services and technology which we truly believe in and that has the proven research to say it is a valid and reliable recovery tool. Elite Recovery zone aims to be a one stop shop for body maintenance, recovery, injury prevention and staying true to your training path. All sessions include at no additional cost use of a sauna, steam room and hot tub. Elite Recovery Zone is proud to be an the official recovery sponsor of the USATF 50k and 100k championships in Madison, WI on April 7. There is no better way we could have imagined for kicking off our new business platform.

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